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Host events for 100s of community members each month..

Hypixel Karaoke is the only official host of public events within Hypixel Inc. We put on weekly voice channel based events such as Karaoke and Open Mic Night, hosted within Hypixel TeamSpeak and our community Discord. Collaborating with Hypixel Administrators, staff members and fellow community members, joining our team is a great start in learning wider team building skills and networking within the Hypixel community.

What we're looking for in your application

We appreciate that application writing is not everyone's forte. Here's some help on writing the best application:

  • We're looking for a positive attitude towards time management, working with others and a clear sense of maturity.
  • Ideally, previous experience working in a team or on projects alone and how that relates to making you a suitable candidate for this position. We appreciate that some candidates are just at the start of working with communities online so we take this into account.
  • We want to see effort put into the application, with as little gramatical errors as possible eg. "ill" versus "I'll". This is easy to do and shows that you have checked your application before submitting it.
  • We're looking for a versatile candidate willing to try new challenges and roles within the team.

Following your application, be sure to check your email often as there may be additional stages before we can make a final decision and either accept or deny your application.

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